The Village at Highlands

The Village at Highlands is an independent subdivision with its own homeowners association (HOA) within the division of Highlands at Mechums River near Crozet, VA. The Village consists of 50 attached homes built by Craig Builders between 2006 and 2012.  All but six of the 50 homes provide one-floor living.  See floor plans of the three most frequent types of homes.  Most homes have views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains or of wooded areas.

Information on other subdivisions of Highlands at Mechums River is here.

This Web site is the official site for the Village at Highlands Owners Association.  It provides information about the HOA and about how the HOA interacts with the buildings, grounds, architectural review, HOA finances, and hospitality.  The site also provides a page for news from homeowners.  Your comments and questions are invited. Contact our HOA President, Robbie Whitestone.

We are grateful to Debra Weiss of drw Design for designing and implementing this Web site.


Amendment to the Village at Highlands Covenants:  At its meeting on November 8 the Village at Highlands Board of Directors agreed to ask the owners of the fifty homes in the Village to vote on an amendment to the HOA Covenants.  If approved, the amendment would alter the list of building maintenance requirements in the Covenants, which would allow a significant decrease in HOA dues.  Documents concerning the amendment were mailed to all owners on December 6, 2017  The documents are also available in the Member Area.  Log into the Member Area and click on "Amendment to the Covenants" in the upper right of the page.  Members of the Board of Directors will contact all owners in coming weeks concerning the amendment to the Covenants. 12/9/2017

Vacancy on Architectural Review Board:  The Board of Directors of the HOA is seeking a member to fill a vacancy on the ARB.  If you are interested in serving, please let Robbie Whitestone know.  A description of the ARB is here and also in the HOA Covenants.

The special meeting of the Village at Highlands Owners Association to discuss amending the Covenants has been postponed from September 30.  A new date and place will be announced.

HOA Officers:  At a Board of Directors meeting on January 28 the following officers were elected for 2017:  President -- Robbie Whitestone; Vice President -- Rochelle Larson; Secretary -- Barbara Kelly; Treasurer -- Kendon Stubbs.

HOA Committees:  Homeowners are encouraged to volunteer for the HOA committees.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please let the committee chair(s) know.  The work of the committees is described on the following pages for Buildings, Grounds, Architectural Review, and Hospitality.

Bylaws Amendment 2017:  The annual HOA members meeting on January 28, 2017 adopted an amendment to the Bylaws to permit the annual Members meeting to be held in February, instead of January.  The text of the amendment is here.

Bylaws Amendment 2016:  The annual HOA members meeting on January 30, 2016 adopted an amendment to the Bylaws to permit the Board of Directors to approve the minutes of the HOA members meetings shortly after the meetings, rather than waiting for the next members meeting.  The text of the amendment is here.

2017 HOA Dues and Budget:  Scroll down on the Finances page.

Maintenance Reserve Report for 2015 Now Available:  At its meeting on September 23 the HOA Board of Directors approved a new maintenance reserve report from Criterium Engineers.  The report updates the cost projections for long-term maintenance of our homes, including painting, power washing, replacing roofs and gutters, etc.  The last maintenance reserve study was done in 2011.  The goal of the studies is to ensure that our HOA fees will be sufficient to cover ongoing costs of the big-ticket maintenance items for our homes. The Maintenance Reserve report is located in the private area for HOA Members.  Log in is required.  On the left side of the Member Area under Documents, scroll down and click on Maintenance Reserve 2015.  Questions to Robbie Whitestone or other Board members.

"For Sale" Signs:  "For Sale" signs are now permitted in front yards when Village homes are for sale.  Details are here.