The Village at Highlands

The Village at Highlands is an independent subdivision with its own homeowners association (HOA) within the division of Highlands at Mechums River near Crozet, VA. The Village consists of 50 attached homes built by Craig Builders between 2006 and 2012.  All but six of the 50 homes provide one-floor living.  See floor plans of the three most frequent types of homes.  Most homes have views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains or of wooded areas.

Information on other subdivisions of Highlands at Mechums River is here.

This Web site is the official site for the Village at Highlands Owners Association.  It provides information about the HOA and about how the HOA interacts with the buildings, grounds, architectural review, HOA finances, and hospitality.  The site also provides a page for news from homeowners.  Your comments and questions are invited. Contact our HOA President, Robbie Whitestone.

We are grateful to Debra Weiss of drw Design for designing and implementing this Web site.


Board of Directors Meeting: The HOA Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, August 7, at 6:30 p.m. in the large conference room of the Crozet LibraryPlease note the new location for Board meetings.  All Homeowners are welcome to observe the BOD meeting.  Homeowners who wish to make a presentation to the BOD will be invited to do so during the Members Comments section.  Presentations should be limited to five minutes.  Please let Robbie Whitestone, V@H President, know 24 hours ahead of the meeting if you wish to make a presentation, including information on the subject of the presentation.

Copies of agenda packets and materials furnished to the HOA Board of Directors for this meeting will be posted on the Web site at the same time as such documents are furnished to the Board.  Links to the documents will be in “Current Meeting Documents” in the Member Area of the site.  Go to the Member Area, log in, and scroll down on the left-hand side to click on “Current Meeting Documents”:

Village at Highlands Neighborhood Updates:  

House Painting:  While the weather has been somewhat difficult to work with lately, Chris continues to make substantial progress on the house painting as he works his way through the neighborhood.  The crew has been trying to get started earlier in the mornings than normal to get as much work done as possible before the heat of the day settles in.  I will say, the new paint color for the shutters, “Verde Green”, that will match the lamp posts, looks awesome.  As of today (June 21) there are almost 12 homes completed.

A reminder that our agreement with the painter requires them to do routine "prep work" such as caulking any visible cracks or removing loose paint, filling any holes with putty, etc.  If your home has any deterioration that goes beyond routine preparation (one of many possible examples being rotted boards), that is the homeowner's responsibility.  We have asked the painter to advise you if there are obvious repair items needing to be addressed before painting, but since we hope to have the work progress in an orderly manner, we suggest that you undertake any inspection you deem prudent in the very near term.  If your home is on this year’s list, please take a few moments now to check that anything you’ve planted yourself around the foundation leaves the painters a small buffer space to stand while painting.  Also, please remove any flower pots or ornamental garden structures that might impede the painting. 

Lamp Posts:  All 50 of the new lamp posts have been delivered and are being stored in a member’s garage.  The lamp post committee will start the task of attaching the protective cover around the bottom to prevent the post from being damaged by the grounds crew equipment. The contractor began to install the new lamp posts on lower Gate Post Lane today (June 21).  He'll work his way up the street to upper Gate Post Lane and Mechums River Road. 

Thank You

Robbie Whitestone

President, HOA

Highlights of the April 17 Board of Directors Meeting:

  • Lamp posts will be replaced this year for all houses in the Village at Highlands.  For details, log into the Member Area and scroll down on the left to “Current Meeting Documents” and click on “Lamp Post Committee Presentation”.
  • Two updated spreadsheets show relations among the maintenance reserve fund, building maintenance expenses, and HOA quarterly fees, and explain how the recent amendment to the Covenants has made possible significant savings in quarterly fees.  For details, log into the Member Area and scroll down on the left to “Current Meeting Documents” and click on “Criterium Revised Funding Alternative 3 and Projected HOA Fees” and “Cumulative Savings in Fees”.
  • The list of houses to be power-washed and painted this year is on the Buildings page.  Power washing may begin (weather permitting) as early as April 26 on lower Gate Post Lane, working its way up the street. After the power washing the painting will be soon to follow, depending on the weather.
  • Bob D’Angio and Bill Kelly are the new Co-Chairs of the Grounds Committee.  The committee reminds you that some homes are scheduled for power washing and painting starting in April. If your home is on this year’s list, please take a few moments now to check that any plantings or objects you’ve installed yourself around the foundation leave the painters a small buffer space to stand while painting.
  • Rick Larson is the new Chair of the Architectural Review Board.  He reminds owners that if you are planning any changes to the exterior of your home or to your landscaping, please check the Architectural Review Guidelines, and contact Rick.  Note that ARB forms must be submitted in advance for alterations to your house or landscaping that require ARB approval.
  • Vice President Rochelle Larson is coordinating with Albemarle County about repairs to the retention pond in the ravine below lower Gate Post Lane. 
  • A Village at Highlands garage/yard sale will be held again this year on Saturday, October 6 from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Contact Rochelle Larson with any questions or comments.

Recycling:  Time Disposal has notified its customers that it will begin a new recycling service.  The Time Disposal recycling Web site says:  “Please note if you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association, please contact your H.O.A. for recycling details.”  This note does NOT apply to the Village at Highlands.  It only applies to homes where an HOA negotiates trash removal on behalf of HOA members.  If you are interested in Time Disposal recycling, please contact them directly.

HOA Board of Directors Elections:  At the annual members meeting on February 17, Karen Christiansen and John McGowan were elected to the Board of Directors to fill the unexpired terms of Bob Nelson and Michael Sinclair.  Re-elected to the Board for two-year terms were Jim Doull, Libby Hobbs, Barbara Kelly, and Robbie Whitestone.  Continuing on the Board are Rochelle Larson and Kendon Stubbs.

At a meeting of the Board, also on February 17, the following officers were elected:  President -- Robbie Whitestone; Vice President -- Rochelle Larson; Secretary -- Barbara Kelly; Treasurer -- Kendon Stubbs.  Robbie will continue to coordinate the Building Maintenance Committee, and Karen Christiansen willl coordinate the Grounds Maintenance Committee.

2018 HOA Dues and Budget:  Scroll down on the Finances page.

Maintenance Reserve Report for 2015 Now Available:  At its meeting on September 23 the HOA Board of Directors approved a new maintenance reserve report from Criterium Engineers.  The report updates the cost projections for long-term maintenance of our homes, including painting, power washing, replacing roofs and gutters, etc.  The last maintenance reserve study was done in 2011.  The goal of the studies is to ensure that our HOA fees will be sufficient to cover ongoing costs of the big-ticket maintenance items for our homes. The Maintenance Reserve report is located in the private area for HOA Members.  Log in is required.  On the left side of the Member Area under Documents, scroll down and click on Maintenance Reserve 2015.  Questions to Robbie Whitestone or other Board members.

"For Sale" Signs:  "For Sale" signs are now permitted in front yards when Village homes are for sale.  Details are here.