The HOA provides grounds maintenance services in the Village at Highlands in the following areas:

Shrub/tree maintenance

  • spring and fall clean-up
  • edging of shrub/tree beds
  • mulching of shrub/tree beds
  • weed control
  • fertilizing
  •  pruning of shrubs/trees as appropriate
  • pest control, as needed

Shrub/tree replacement at discretion of HOA

Turf management

  • mowing
  • pre-emergent weed control/fertilizing in spring
  • post-emergent weed control
  • lime application (pH control) as needed
  • core aeration and overseeding
  • fall fertilizing

For details on the exact services provided, please check the Covenants and contact the Grounds Maintenance Committe.

Update, March 22, 2020:

To all homeowners;

Please note that our grounds maintenance contractor, James River, will soon proceed with the regular scheduled grounds services on our properties.  It is incumbent upon all of us to follow normal social contact precautions (“social distancing”) while the workers are on your property.  Preferably, we ask that you stay inside your homes while the work is being done outside and continue to limit exposure to the virus.

Thank You,

Board of Directors

Update, January 6, 2020:

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

On behalf of the Grounds Maintenance Committee we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and also provide you with the following brief update:

After receiving and evaluating multiple bids for the ground’s maintenance contracts, the HOA Board of Directors unanimously decided to continue with James River as the primary contractor for the ground’s maintenance contract.

The decision to renew the agreement with James River was based on the competitiveness of their bid relative to all the other bids that were evaluated as well as the fact that the Grounds Committee felt that complaints previously received from many of you were primarily due to the fact that there was little or no oversight and control on what they were doing and supposed to be doing in relation to what was stipulated in the contract.

We as a committee, with your help, will endeavor to rectify this during the upcoming year and evaluate the situation at the end of 2020.  We appreciate all of your support.

V@H Grounds Committee

Important Requests

Bird feeders and fruit trees attract unwanted visitors including deer, bears, snakes and rodents. Sad but true - for a residential area such as ours, it would be in the common interest to remove these items, and we request that you do so.

James River’s crew is instructed not to take directions from homeowners, in order to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.  If you have any questions or problems relating to landscape maintenance, please call or email any Grounds Committee members.

HOA rules prohibit parking on the grass areas including the verges along the road side (Covenants IX.8.e). Cars parking on the grass verges damage the turf and exacerbate erosion along the road side.  The HOA invests a lot of effort and money to combat this problem.  Please request your visitors not to park on the grass verges.