The fiscal year of the HOA is the calendar year.  The HOA Board of Directors adopts an operating budget in October or November each year for the following year.  At the annual meeting of the HOA in February a financial report is presented for the preceding fiscal year.  The budget for 2021 and the financial report for 2020 can be found in the Member Area.

Maintenance reserve is the fund set aside for long-term building maintenance.  The maintenance reserve projected needs are updated at least every five years.  The latest projection was in 2020.

The HOA charges a quarterly fee.  For 2021 the quarterly fee is $500.  For a breakdown of the quarterly fee between the annual operating budget and the maintenance reserve, please see the 2021 Budget in the Member Area.

For questions about finances, contact the HOA Treasurer or the Community Group Manager.

For coupon books for HOA fees or for disclosure packets, contact the Community Group Manager.