The Village at Highlands

The Village at Highlands

The Village at Highlands is an independent subdivision with its own homeowners' association (HOA) within the division of Highlands at Mechums River near Crozet, VA. The Village consists of 50 attached homes built by Craig Builders between 2006 and 2012.  All but six of the 50 homes provide one-floor living.  See floor plans of the three most common designs.  Most homes have views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains or of wooded areas.

The Village at Highlands is section 57A-2B  in the Albemarle County real estate tax map 57A.

This Web site is the official site for the Village at Highlands Owners Association.  It provides information about the HOA and describes the Buildings, Grounds, Architectural review, Finances, and Hospitality areas and provides an area for member- private information.   Your comments and questions are invited. For additional information, contact the Village at Highlands President at:


There is a BOD Meeting scheduled on Sept 25th, 6:15 PM at the Greenwood Community Center. (On Greenwood Rd, approximately a mile past the Chiles Peach Farm.)

An agenda will follow, but be advised that the Solar issue is one of the topics. 

Please read the President's letter of September 8th which contains information about the Solar issue. Go to Website, Members>Billboard>Current Meeting Documents


Please Read President's Email 9/15/23  to the Members: Go to Member area> Billboard>General Interest

  • Safety Advisory for smoke alarms -  Select:   Member Area > Billboard > General Interest

  •  We urge everyone to update  their personal information on this website.

  • Please observe the roadside parking requirement by parking your car totally on the pavement.