The Village at Highlands

The Village at Highlands

The Village at Highlands is an independent subdivision with its own homeowners association (HOA) within the division of Highlands at Mechums River near Crozet, VA. The Village consists of 50 attached homes built by Craig Builders between 2006 and 2012.  All but six of the 50 homes provide one-floor living.  See floor plans of the three most frequent types of homes.  Most homes have views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains or of wooded areas.

The Village at Highlands is section 57A-2B  in the Albemarle County real estate tax map 57A.

Information on other subdivisions of Highlands at Mechums River is here.

This Web site is the official site for the Village at Highlands Owners Association.  It provides information about the HOA and about how the HOA interacts with the buildings, grounds, architectural review, HOA finances, and hospitality.  The site also provides a page for news from homeowners.  Your comments and questions are invited. Contact the HOA President.


HOA Board of Directors Meeting:  The HOA Board of Directors will hold a meeting on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, starting at 6:00 pm.  All homeowners are welcome to attend the meeting in person.  There will also be a Zoom option for those that would prefer to join the meeting virtually.  Homeowners who wish to make a presentation to the BOD will be invited to do so during the Members Comments section.  Presentations should be limited to five minutes.  Please let Barbara Kelly know 24 hours ahead of the meeting if you wish to make a presentation, including information on the subject of the presentation.

Instructions for accessing the meeting from a computer, tablet, or phone, as well as the agenda and other documents for the meeting, are available in the Member Area of the Web site under “Current Meeting Documents.”  Log in to the Member Area.

Thank you. 

Barbara Kelly, Secretary, Village at Highlands HOA

Recent Elections and Appointments:

Board of Directors Officers:  At the annual meeting of HOA members on February 27, 2021 the following members of the Board of Directors were re-elected;  Sean McCoy,  John McGowan, Daniel Opperman, Barbara Poston.  

At its annual meeting to elect officers following the annual members' meeting, the Board elected the following officers:  President - Robbie Whitestone;  Vice President - Daniel Opperman;  Secretary - Barbara Kelly;  Treasurer - Sean McCoy.

ARB Committee:   The Board appointed the following members to the ARB Committee:  John McGowan, Pete Chandler, Sandy Wisco.

Light Fixture Replacement:  As part of the ongoing maintenance in the Village at Highlands, the Board of Directors recently approved funds at the last Board meeting for the replacement of the light fixtures on the lampposts – on a one-time basis only.  In addition to the light fixture itself, the work will include the installation of new LED bulbs and a new photocell sensor on each home.

The work is estimated to begin in mid to late February, based on the delivery date for the light fixtures.  We anticipate it will take a week to complete the work on all fifty homes.  As part of the project, the electricians will be leaving the old light fixture by the front doors for the homeowners to either keep as a spare or to dispose of, your choice.

2021 HOA Dues and Budget:  Scroll down on the Finances page.

Use of HOA Property and Cooperation with Albemarle County Police:  At its meeting on July 15 the HOA Board of Directors adopted a statement on the usage of HOA property.  This applies especially to the property in the cul-de-sac on lower Gate Post Lane, where there have been continuing incidents of trespassing.  In connection with this statement, the Board also signed an  Albemarle County Police Trespass letter.  The statement on usage of HOA property and the Albemarle County Police Trespass letter are available in the Member Area under “Current Meeting Documents.”  Log in to the Member Area

Thank You. 

Robbie Whitestone, President, Village at Highlands HOA

Gate Post Lane:  The owner of the property that adjoins the fence along lower Gate Post Lane has contacted us regarding the dumping of debris over the fence onto their property.  That is Private Property and it is against the law to throw anything over the fence

Parking:  The Grounds Committee would like to remind you again that ­NO parking of any vehicles on grass in front of the homes is allowed.  It is your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure your family and friends are aware of the parking regulations.

Community Group (our management company) has already had to send out formal letters to several homeowners on this subject.  Your support on this is very much appreciated as the HOA is working extremely hard to get the grounds in better shape.  

Board of Directors Officers:  At the annual meeting of HOA members on February 22, 2020  the following members of the Board of Directors were re-elected:  Jim Deter, Jim Doull, Barbara Kelly, Daniel Opperman, Barbara Poston, and Robbie Whitestone.  Sean McCoy was elected to fill the unexpired term of Kendon Stubbs.  John McGowan has a year left in his current term on the Board.

At its annual meeting to elect officers following the members' meeting, the Board elected the following officers:  President - Robbie Whitestone; Vice President - Daniel Opperman; Secretary - Barbara Kelly; Treasurer - Sean McCoy; ARB Chair - Jim Doull; Building Committee Chair - Robbie Whitestone; Grounds Committee Chair - Daniel Opperman; At Large - Jim Deter, John McGowan,  and Barbara Poston.

"For Sale" Signs:  "For Sale" signs are now permitted in front yards when Village homes are for sale.  Details are here.