Village at Highlands HOA

Village at Highlands HOA

Board Members

Sandi Wisco - President

D. Opperman - Vice President

Barbara Kelly - Secretary

Robbie Whitestone - Treasurer

Barbara Poston - At Large

Tim Durrer - HOA Manager, Community Group, Inc.

The Village at Highlands Owners Association (HOA) consists of the owners of the 50 homes in the Village.  The HOA is overseen by a Board of Directors.  The HOA meets annually in the spring to elect members of the Board and to conduct other HOA business. 

The Board currently has six active homeowner directors. Tim Durrer, HOA manager for the Community Group provides local support and liason. The Board usually meets quarterly, or more often for special needs.  Meetings are open to all members, and decisions and discussions of the Board are preserved in minutes. 

The most important documents governing the HOA are the:

  • Covenants
  • Bylaws
  • Architectural Review Guidelines
  • Complaint Procedure
  • Welcome Letter

We urge all homeowners to familiarize themselves with the governing documents.

These documents are in the Member Area.

The business manager for the HOA is Tim Durrer of Community Group, Inc.. (See Member Directory for contact information)